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3-D x-ray technique (DVT)

Digital volume tomography

Digital volume tomography (DVT) is a recently developed, three-dimensional x-ray technique that provides very fine ( 0.1 mm) and detailed sectional images of the jaw and teeth. This three-dimensional assessment permits a safe, reliable and faster diagnosis to be made.

Risks can be assessed more reliably and possible complications recognized early and avoided. Surgical procedures can be planned better and operations conducted faster.

Among other things, digital volume tomography is used for the following purposes:

- in implantology for assessing the jawbone

- in orthodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery for detecting the position of displaced teeth

- for detecting the position of the nerve channel in the mandible when removing wisdom teeth

- in pain diagnosis where the cause is not apparent

- in parodontology for assessing bony tooth sockets

Major advantages of DVT are a markedly reduced radiation exposure and superior image quality when compared to conventional computed tomography. Special professional training is a prerequisite for producing a volume tomogram.

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